JBasic is a simple yet powerful smart accelerator. Scripts recorded in JMeter are too raw to be consumed for performance tests. JBasic bundle aggrandizes your JMeter scripts in unbelievable time that is gonna make you go crazzzyyyyy!!! JBasic makes your scripts the best in class when you would reimagine your scripts. Statistics show that JBasic can reduce your script enhancement time by 70%.

               Edit & Index Transaction Names


         Custom Transaction Names

               Edit & Index Sampler Names

         Script Id

               Edit Generate Parent Sample

         Enable Parent Sample

         Disable Parent Sample

               Customize Think Times

         Remove all Constant Timers

         Append ThinkTime after each Transaction

               Replace Unix Timestamps

               Enable 'Retrieve All Embedded Resources'

         Parallel Downloads

               Enable 'Exit and Continue to the Next Iteration' while encountering 5XX or 4XX response codes

Try JBasic with our sample scripts

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