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Is JMX Enhancer Open-Source ?

JMX Enhancer solutions are free to use online and they are not open-source.

Can I sign up using my personal email ?

We do not accept personal emails. You can sign up only using your business email.

Will I get expert dedicated support if I sign up ?

We do not have dedicated support for now but we intend to bring it in the near future. You can either drop us a note or email us. We will address your concerns as soon as possible.

I did not receive my account activation link. What should I do ?

Make sure that you have entered correct business email address and check your SPAM folder

If the above didn't help, please raise a support ticket and we will help you as soon as possible.

Does JMX Enhancer require cookies ? If so, how do I enable them ?

Yes, cookies must be enabled to use our solutions. We authenticate you via the magic link.

Most browsers allow you to enable cookies in their Privacy settings. Choose a medium-to-low level.