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Auto-Correlation Solution for JMeter Test Plans

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Export Regular Expression Extractor rules from JMeter Test Plans

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Convert HTTPArchive (HAR) file into a JTL Recording Log

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Super easy tool to update & beautify JMeter Test Plans

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Determine the maximum number of threads for JMeter Tests

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Feature Free Pro
File Size Limits (All Tools) 1 MB Unlimited
Basic Technologies (ASP.Net, Java)
Premium Technologies (Siebel, FCP, Peoplesoft)
Custom Technologies
Automatic Transactions
Customized Transactions
Unix Timestamp Limited Flexible
Parallel Downloads Update
Append Script Id in Samplers
Chrome Extension
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Platform Independent

A lot of solutions in the world have gone unnoticed because of platform dependencies. JMeter is platform independent and so is JMX Enhancer. All you need is a browser to access and leverage our solutions.

Global Availability

Enterprises have started leveraging solutions available on the internet. Web has become the major source of information for developing our expertise. There is a need for implementing solutions online for ease of use across the globe.

Tool Collaborations

Performance engineers are grappling with a set of challenges when it comes to JMeter scripting with network restrictions. HTTP Archives from other tools are compatible with JLog.