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JMX Enhancer is a solution to expedite to design your JMeter test plan

We are aware of how painful and time consuming to correlate dynamic values in the JMeter test plan. It takes hours, some time days to extract the data using regular expressions. That is why we carefully crafted the boundaries for each technology to extract the dynamic data in the response. It saves you a lot of time.

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JCorrelate is the ultimate solution for auto-correlation of JMeter performance test scripts. JCorrelate in association with our Dynamic Parameters Identification Engine correlates dynamic values throughout the script and appends Post Processors to capture them using Regular Expressions.

JPort helps you to export and import Correlation Rules, Assertions, Timers and Pre-Post Processors from your JMeter scripts while you snap your fingers. Re-Creating and Re-Enhancing JMeter test scripts were never so easy. JPort will be very useful whenever we re-create the scripts owing to a change in the application build.

Are you creating your JMX files from the network traffic captured using tools like Fiddler? Are you not able to use JCorrelate because you do not get the JTL recording log from Fiddler? We have the right solution for you. You can now convert your HTTPArchive (HAR) file into a JTL recording log file using JLog.

JBasic is a simple yet powerful smart accelerator. Scripts recorded in JMeter are too raw to be consumed for performance tests. JBasic bundle aggrandizes your JMeter scripts in unbelievable time that is gonna make you go crazy. JBasic makes your scripts the best in class when you would reimagine your scripts. Statistics show that JBasic can reduce your script enhancement time by 70%.

JCalculus is a Workload Modelling or Workload Distribution tool. JCalculus can help you determine the maximum number of VUsers that can on a Load Generator based on VUser memory footprint. JCalculus can also help you derive ThinkTime and Pacing using Little’s Law for performance testing. Little’s law is applied to relate concurrent users, server’s throughput & total time consumed.


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Using our Chrome extension, you can further expedite your process of designing your test plan.